Simple but dignified funeral package -From£1350.00

We are striving to keep costs down by offering a simple yet dignified option at a lower rate. Simple funerals are conducted Monday to Friday and your choices for the date and time of the funeral may be limited. Please see below for the service provided :

  • A simple coffin suitable for Burial or Cremation
  • A simple closure robe.
  • Preparing , collecting and distributing all relevant documentation and paperwork
  • Conveyance of deceased to our Funeral Home during normal office hours (Within 20 miles) an additional charge of £50 will be added if outwith normal office hours
  • Complimentary online Funeral Notice informing family and friends of the service
  • Care of the deceased prior to the Funeral
  • Supply of Hearse for conveyance of the deceased direct to a local cemetery or crematorium

Please note the above cost does not include disbursements and these must be paid in advance of the funeral.

Typical Disbursement costs;

  • Glasgow Crematorium, Maryhill Fee £660.00 (any postcode)

Clydebank Crematorium Fee £782.00 (Resident) £1080.00 (Non-Resident) Monday to Friday only.

IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER                                                       

  • Simple Funerals will not be conducted on a Saturday
  • The procession begins at our Funeral Home and travels directly to the place of committal.
  • There is no option for an alternative service venue.
  • Your choices for the date and time of the funeral may be limited
  • Personalisation is also limited , in comparison to The Traditional Funeral.
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